Choices / Advice needed! (Edit)

So the Arctic is a no-go. And I'm okay with that.

We're looking into getting a second dachshund - going to the same place from where we got Jackson today to look at his half-brother (a long hair) and his father (!) (a smooth black / tan). The long hair is ours! Coming home on Friday! He is just under a year old, and his name is Chi (rhymes with high or sky)!!

Dan's cousin is getting married this summer. Yesterday while going in to order a bridesmaid dress, Betsy & I found the perfect dress! It's a Marilyn Monroe style dress (like this one, but it doesn't tie at the neck and a little more gathered across the middle - it's black with green stems / two shades of blue flowers all over it.
Poor cell phone photos - the dress is by Luly K (which I can't find any website for)

I want to make a shawl / wrap as the back and shoulders are bare / open and I know we'll be in church and a long car ride so I want something to cover me if I get a chill. However, the wedding is in August, Long Island. Any ideas? These are some I already like:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
and with further poking about, I find that I'm really into Kiri (pdf file link) or MagKnits Trellis Wrap or this Candis wrap thing



Jae said...

Ooh, they are all pretty! Though I must admit I like the lazy stole and bird's nest stole the most.

Anonymous said...

Just came across your BLOG today. I stopped to read it because I too live in CT and I noticed your dachshund puppy. Are you getting your new puppy from a breeder or a rescue group? I am thinking about getting a mini, long or wire haired; but don't want a puppy. So I think rescue would be for me. Do you know of any good rescue groups? Thanks

Maureen said...

Ohhh, the Lacy Lattice from Fiddlesticks looks nice. I haven't made anything from their patterns yet, but I've heard that they are wonderful to work with.

Congrats on the new pooch.

(Watch out for those subway air grates in August ;) )

Heide said...

A new pupper! Yay! I saw some flyer in the library for a Dachsund Social or something?? Do you know about it already?

Also, I just came across this cute soap and thought you'd dig it.

Christine said...

#1 would probably be too fussy to put on and take off easily. I like several of the others - with that dress and being in August, I would probably go with something "light" looking - more lacy - than some of the others look. I love the Clapotis so much, but I can't picture it with that dress.

With the subtle flower look of the dress, I could see Kiri or the Flower Basket Shawl that was in Interweave a few years ago.

Marji said...

love the style of the dress. and I love the Cheryl Oberle shawls in Folk Shawls, as well as the Fiddlesticks patterns. I was thinking that for Aug in NY you may want something light and small, and kind of liked the first one as a complement to the Marilyn style of the dress. I'm thinking rectangular with the dress, or something fitted to the shoulders, is probably better than a triangle for the dress.
What fun that you and Jae were swap partners for green.

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