A HUGE box arrived on Tuesday, and it was perfect timing. It was a long day to begin with and my evening commute which maybe takes 30 minutes took 75!! The box came from FiberArts Afloat (Marji) for Project Colorswap - so much orange and yellow goodies, that I cannot start to do it justice without the photo to accompany the posting. Thank you thank you thank you - I love everything in there and expect to be gushing about the items for a while :)

Life is crazy. School is crazy. The state of Connecticut is crazy for requiring video footage (on VHS mind you. Old School New England. The most difficult way possible.) for the next level of teaching license.

Tomorrow is a half-day. Then I'm on vacation for a week! I expect I'll catch up on blogging and knitting and reading.

Speaking of which last night I finished "The Time Traveler's Wife" - so compelling, confusing but only if you let it... I had to stay up while the hubster went to sleep. I enjoyed it alot! Next up I think I'll either read "Teacher Man" or "Prep"

Stay tuned for drunken frat photos of Jackson.


Elizabeth said...

Did you just love the Time Traveller's Wife? I did and now I'm sorry I loaned the book to a friend because I want to read it again!

Jersey Knitting Mama said...

I love the book Teacher Man. I love Frank McCourt! God bless you for choosing teaching as a career! Nice dish cloth! Great Colors!

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