cue the music - I'm officially on vacation! I feel a little goofy,like this
(found on cuteoverload.com)

Thankfully I did recover from my sinus "thing" - majorly annoying. I have done very little crafting and need to catch up! I finished one thing but can't post it because it's a surprise for the recipient. I'll post it later.

This video (Here) is very cool.

I received a great package from Kristi - I loved the blue tape, but the label fell off somewhere - probably in the mail truck, since it made it's way to my house ok. See?

And wonderful goodies inside:

bubbles, and a "Grow Your Own Coffee Break", Garden Tweed (which I can't wait to do something with! Love the colors) and some gorgeous Cascade, a bath fizzie, fabrics and a new box for keeping supplies in! Love it!

And in other news, I'm now 28 - I had a very nice birthday - no students! hehe. I"m going to see Spamalot in July, I can catch-up on The Muppet Show: Season 1, Princess Bride (Dread Pirate Edition), practice knitting (for the pup), and a little bit of cooking (thank you Rachel Ray!).

And if you need a little break, check out my brother doing stand-up: Without Hyperbole - his blog / video.


Anonymous said...

Hi Becca!

Glad that school is out and you're feeling better. That blue package looks so cheery!

I just saw your post on Knitty about the new yarn shop in Meriden, the Yarn Garden. My parents gave me a clipped article on it from their local newspaper, but I haven't been to visit yet. I'm glad to hear that you liked it! Country Yarns is one of my favorites but I haven't been there in a little while.

Kristi said...

so glad that you like your loot! that is bizarre that the label fell off...thank goodness the package still got to you! thank you so much for my stuff. i am loving that yarn...i am definately going to try a lacey project!

Jae said...

That poor llama. Do you think it knows?

Heather said...

congrats on the end of school (it is a WONDERFUL feeling!) There is a reason that teachers need that time off! Looks like you'll have some fun projects on your hands with that loot!


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