Leave it to me

Who gets sick in June? I've got some sort of allergy / virus / sinus thing that has completely kicked my butt. To the point where I was laid up all weekend and called out of work today. In 3 years this is my first true sick day. I've taken days off, but never called in sick.

There's 6.5 days left of school including today.


Kaitie Tee said...

Don't feel bad, I had the same thing happen to me a couple weeks ago. I had the worst sinus, cough, make-you-feel-crappy cold ever. I hadn't been sick in at least 3 years. All I wanted to do was lay on the couch and moan.

But I feel great now! So I guess just hold out...it'll pass.

Heide said...

Welcome to the club! I caught a terrible cold just a couple of weeks ago, and ended up missing work too. I had to cencel my own birthday party because of it! So annoying. Hope you feel better soon!

Jae said...

It seems to be going around. Stay warm and get some rest!

Rebecca said...

Did you know that your blog disappeared for a few days as well? It was very strange but it wouldn't come up. Hope you are feeling better now that the weekend is here.....maybe some fresh air will work wonders. I hate those sinus/allergy things! I get them, too.

Carola said...

Oh, this sounds bad. Luckily, I seem to be so late with my intended get-well-wishes that I can already read in your next post that you are on the path of recovery! Take it easy with the catch-up.

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