This afternoon I opened my email to find 19 emails "from" ebay saying that I was successful in creating my listings. Um, I don't own any of the things I'm apparently selling (box dvd sets) - I've sent them on to the "spoof" check with ebay, tried to close the account, but with the "open" listings I can't. I tried to end the listings early, but can't because the item numbers are invalid. WTF?

I've got parts of a dog sweater "blocking" - it's only wool-ease, so I'm not sure how much it will really block.

I then used some of the wool-ease to do a miter square - so nifty how that works! So today I bought some more wool-ease to continue making the squares. I'll worry about the size / color combinations later. They are fun and easy / portable, so that's good, but at this point I don't have any intended recipients - possibilities but that is all.

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