Crazy names

In the spirit of this post and reflecting on my teaching experiences here are some I would add / include - true kids I've met or known. And some of the names really aren't that bad (could be worse) but they could be much better. Also, keep your ears open for future generations named after body parts. Each year when I teach the human body, I have at least two or three kids that remark at how nice that sounds and they'll name their kids that (keeping in mind I teach 7th / 8th graders about the body) - Phalanges (finger bones), Patella (knee cap), Duodenum (part of the digestive system, stomach). My dad told me that he once worked at a hospital where some mom named her kid Meconium (first bowel movement) because it sounded pretty.

Jea'na (jen-nay), female
Infinity, female
Precious, female
Diamond, female
J'quan (jay-kwan), male
Shanyge (san-jean), female
Shaquanda, female (on more than one embarrasing occasion I misspoke and called for Shanequa)
Joshanda, female

In 3 years and ~ 150 kids, even though its urban / minority students I've had some interesting biblical references:
Elijah, Malachi, Ishmael, Pentecost (all male)
only one Michael
only one Jessica
two Stephanies

Knitting posts are coming, eventually.


Hunny said...

I work for a hospital and have seen people with the names Cinderella, Queen, Enchantress! I am sure if I keep thinking I can think of more!! those are just a few that stand out!!

Jae said...

My mom teaches high school and she has commented more than once on some of her student's names. You have to wonder sometimes!

Life's a Stitch said...

On my caseload as a social worker 20 some years ago, I had a family of girls - "Chardonnay, Chiantay and Rosay." And we had neighbours with girls named Stormy, Misti and Winter.

When we had our first, we read a baby name book that suggested you name kids after an interest in your life. Since we collected wines at the tiem, my SIL suggested a boy named Mogen David, Mad Dog for short. Good thing it was a girl :-)

Rebecca said...

oh... i've got some:
a little girl in my son's preK class: Zainiadaishia (yes, i spelled that right!)

my sis is a social worker and she handled a case where twin sisters were named:
orangejello (oar-ahn-zhell-o)
lemonjello (la-mahn-zhell-o)

and, hubby has a coworker (female) named shit'ain - her parents are from africa

although all of my kiddos names are 'normal' they are all named after comic book super heroes --- shhhhhh - only hardcore comic geeks recognize it

Unknown said...

I had a Female one year (I teach high school).

And that's pronounced Fee-mal-lie.

Yes, her first name. We never did figure out why.

Heather said...

for your weird names list...mine are Tirzah (also BenHur's sister), Kezziah NOT kezIah, Malachai who we call Chai with a K sound not ch like the drink, Jaden which is becoming more common, Zemeira Rayne but we call her bella.... and Talia Grace

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