July 2

I missed Canada Day - I'm an American, but that's really no excuse. Especially when my favorite music group is Barenaked Ladies - God Bless Canada for that :^) And then, I read Miss Harlot's post and was going to be nerdy and point her to Canada's Science side but saw she had 257 comments! Wow. So I'm posting it here.

I started working on a sock yesterday - Lorna's Laces yarn, an internet pattern - I had the exact yarn and needles and dove right in. I love knitting on two circulars - it really goes fast! By the time we got to Long Island yesterday, I had already completed the leg and heel flap. Today is for turning.

The Slogan Maker is fun - with the knitting keyword, it generated:
Maybe She's Born With It, Maybe It's Knitting.

And then there's always Sheep Poetry


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you liked you mouse! I love your site by the way, your puppy is adorable!

Jae said...

You always find the coolest links! I typed in Wool and the slogan maker replied "Washing Machines live longer with Wool" How ironic is that?

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