Craft Room (Post the 3rd)

I've been trying to bring more order to my craft room. Why would I bother - I'm the only one in there! I want to be able to leave the door open, not to hide the chaos. Although it does help keep Jackson away from the yarns. Anyway, there is some progress being made!
(Before, view from the door)

(Before, view from the windows)

(Before, view from the closet)

I dug up a whole bunch of UFOs!

There's a clapotis, flower facecloth, cardigan, pocketbook, scarf in that pile!
And then I found stuff I couldn't recall starting! I don't know what this was supposed to be:

Somewhat of an "After" photo - the room is the ultimate work-in-progress, at least you can sit in the chair!


Emma said...

Slowly, but surely. That's the best way to make progress. Looks like you'll have a fantastic area once it's all done!

Jae said...

I did that recently in my craft room, but I wasn't brave enough to post the before picture. ;) It looks like you made great progress!

Heide said...

I am so glad to see your messiness, it makes me feel less guilty about my mess! :) And I think that little blue UFO is the mini sweater ornament from Weekend Knitting.

How've you been?? Long time no speak!

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