Jackson (Post the 2nd)

Jackson likes to hide in the laundry right out of the dryer:

Here's a close up if you can't find him - look in the lower right corner, above the green blanket:

And the pupper has a new harness, from ezydog.com - looks like a little gladiator plate:

And though I didn't get a picture of it, my dog (a mini-dachshund!!) was able to work at The General (A Starfish) for little more than 3 weeks before he got the stuffing out!! We do have a round disc as well that is also a Tuffie and I would get him more of those in the future. Still can't believe he tore it up! In the meantime, he's got a Frog Crackler that is holding his attention well enough for the time being. And a new tennis ball toy that he got as part of a swap-bot.com swap.

Now he's on his side sleeping, just like a real dog!
Still have to finish his sweater...

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