Happy Fourth of July!

From the patriotic pup:

Though the weather has been less than wonderful for the start of summer (rainy, humid) this past week it's been quite seasonal. Jackson and I have done a lot of this:

There has been knitting! While I've been lax in my blogging participation with The Amazing Lace, I have taken photos - I fully intended on entering the challenges. Belatedly, #1: Meet the TeamMe and Schaefer Anne yarn, Hanging Vines Scarf project (inspired by Savannahchick

#2: Extreme Knitting
On the train:

and living with a yarn-loving dachshund (I swear, he's part cat, he's a nut for a ball of yarn)Sure, he looks sweet and innocent.

#3: Poetry I really don't do well with writing -
Lace, Lace, in my face
How I wish for your embrace.
Poor attention span
Leads me to say oh Damn!
The chart is off and things look wonky
I'm starting over and feel like a donkey.

True. I undid the 4 pattern repeats I had done and started over. Being lefty makes me doubt myself with charts and decreases. But I think we're doing well right now. No pictures yet, saving that for #4: Potential Uses

I finished a sock yesterday. Start to finish with that sock? 3 days!! Holy chickens! I immediately cast-on for sock #2 last night and have been working on it on and off so far today. We're having Dan's family over for a cookout so maybe I'll get some knitting in then. Photos when they are done, which if I can keep up this pace will be very soon!


Elizabeth said...

My dachshund, Lulu, loves yarn too. She's learned not to mess with it but I still have to keep an eye on her.

Rebecca said...

And when will we see a cute stylish sweater knit for Jackson?? He is quite patriotic today!

I'm using Schaeffer Anne for some socks I'm knitting right now and loving it! I have to work on gifts for the next couple weeks and them I'm going to cast on with the lovely Koigu you sent me...the Falling Leaves pattern is what I have my eye on. Enjoy your time off this summer!

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