Book #1 of the summer

I'm usually much better about reading once school gets out or even those summer days start up. This summer I think I just really had to let my brain settle after the hectic school year. Today I picked up and finished: the five people you meet in heaven - loved it! So sad and sweet and just cute. Makes me think of my family members / loved ones that have passed away. For the most part I wouldn't know who they meet or get to find out about, but I do wonder if my grandfather gets to find out anything about his father, who as far as my family knows was a deadbeat lowlife.


Jae said...

I liked that book a lot. It really made me stop and realize how the littlest things that happen in my life might be huge to someone else.

Rebecca said...

omg! how can you read a book in one day!?! i've just about given up on reading - my kids make it impossible to get through a single page without having to look up to stop a fight or wipe a nose dress a doll or charge some batteries.... oh, the list goes on

Unknown said...

I am so with you...during the school year I really can’t read. So in the summer I binge. Usually 4-5 a week. This summer we are moving and like an idiot I agreed to do summer school, so all I’m reading is Geometry. Not much plot, let me tell you.

Enjoy your reading!!

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