Gardening (Post the 1st)

I can't find the "Before" picture of my garden / raised beds... I set it up around Memorial Day this year and transplanted my seeds outside. As of this past week, this is what I can see:
The driveway curves down alongside the right of the photo, Jackson is there (not really for scale as he's so small anyway!). This is one of the beds. You can see the Kong Hybrid Sunflower and the Elf Hybrid Sunflowers.

In this next photo, you can see both beds (say if you were standing in the driveway). The bed on the left has the 2 varieties of sunflowers, baby watermelon (down low behind the kong sunflowers) and peppers (behind the sunflowers). The bed on the right has tomatoes, cucumbers, assorted butterfly / hummingbird flowers, and had carrots but I already harvested those.

Patience is difficult thing for a gardener (and a knitter sometimes) - I'm chomping at the bit for the tomatoes to turn red!!

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