Things I'm thinking about blogging about

* Package from a Secret Pal (my one skein pal, I think!) - photo
* Find the Dog - photo
* Craft room chaos - photo - (before & "After")
* Uncovered UFOs from Craft room chaos - photo
* The Girl in the Cafe movie
* My Sister's Keeper book
* Other crafts...
* Dachshund destructor of toys

But you know, the weather. Yesterday was too hot to do much of anything. The dog was sick last night following the extensive lightning / thunderstorm we had. In a word I'm tired. Skipped pilates class twice this week. I should have done yoga.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that movie looks good. Thumbs Up? Thumbs down?

Dogs + heat + t-storms = trouble, hope your four-footed friend is better!

AmyArtisan said...

What did you think of "The Girl in the Cafe" - it came through my queue earlier this year. :)

Rebecca said...

Heat is draining, I agree! It is nice and cool up here in the mountains though. The Pilates would help give you some energy though, so GO TO YOUR CLASSES! LOL

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