Me Me Me

I love the fact that vacation allows me more time to knit, but I want to count these items as the first FOs of 2007! I've completed a pair of Fetching, from knitty with some of the cashmere yarn from Dan. I've also made up Calorimetry, also from knitty - it just needs a button! Photos to come.

Make Me's Pledge
I promise to knit for myself in 2007. I promise to make at least two items for myself for every one item I make for a friend. I promise to use more luxury yarns on myself than on others. I promise to laugh wildly every time someone says, "oh that's nice! Can you knit one for me?" I promise to feign illness whenever I see someone coming toward me with a sweater pattern and 20 pounds of Red Heart yarn. When Christmas time comes I will not panic and will give those who clamor for handknit gifts, yarn, needles, pattern and a coupon for free knitting lessons. In the year 2007 I promise to model more handknitted items than ever before. I will be glad to be known as "That Crazy Knit Chick."


Anonymous said...

Love the pledge! I'm going to say it for myself as well!

Anonymous said...

There should be a law: If someone asks you to knit them something, they must sit by you and watch every stitch you take. Non-knitters have no clue how much of your life goes in each piece.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've got next year all planned out! I like that, knit 2 items for me for every 1 I make for someone else. I might have to do that. :-D

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