Fruit Loop, with a side of Ham

This past week at SnB I was able to finish up the Fruit Loop by Pixie Purls, a handknit for Lorelai. I had bought the yarn (Ella Rae Baby Cotton) a while back at The Yarn Basket. It's a cotton-nylon blend that is quite soft and was pleasant while working. I made the size 2T in the hopes of getting a full summer of wear out of this, currently the Lorax is about 22lbs and ~31 inches tall. I think it turned out great and was pleased with some of these shots - she posed! She's been into making faces and sticking up her chin when the camera comes out, not sure why, but it's funny.
IMG_7762 IMG_7757
IMG_7766 IMG_7771
It's a knit I would do again - I would love to try the different "fruit" patterns. Next time I would think about doing a provisional cast on and making a hem as the bottom rolls and I couldn't get it to block all the way out (I was lazy about it and really it's fine as is).

The puppy is a perpetual favorite stuffed animal. The blue baby hairbrush is also a new favorite toy - it does nothing on her mini-mane, but she likes to brush her hair, my hair, hubby's hair, the dog & stuffies with it. Whatever. :)

I'm currently working on a test knit of "A Little Something" for Sam of "Shawl That Jazz" fame :) Mine is being done with Silky Wool in a dusty pink color. I think I've got about 8" done so far. She's great to work with - and I love the fact that I've met her! Photos soon!

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cici said...

She is so cute, and Fruit Loop is adorable. Great photos♥

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