Two Sweaters

Since TNNA finished this weekend I can post about one of my recent knits for Lorna's Laces. They sent me some beautiful Fisherman Wool in "Unnamed Grey Colorway" (really, that's what it said on the ball band! It was grey-blue-purple, quite nice!) and asked me to knit Dulce De Leche from the Spring 2009 Twist Collective.
I was a bit apprehensive at first - for the yarn companies I do prefer to knit child size stuff as they are quicker to turn out and the pattern has a lot of "at the same time..." so I was very careful about my notes. I even emailed the designer, Marnie, at one point and she was great! I am quite proud of this knit - it shows the yarn nicely, was a warm sweater - it was a little big on me in the chest area, but the rest of the shaping fit me well.

Over the weekend I was able to block out "A Little Something". I think maybe I should block out the front ribbing a bit more, but on the whole I am pleased with this - it took 2 skeins of yarn! Maybe a bit more (I started from a leftover ball, went through 1 ball and part of a 2nd ball)... gotta love that! It's knit small on larger needles and then you really really block it out.
A Little Something
(So pleased that my posture is in check for those photos!)

I've picked up the Necco Wafer hoodie for Lorelai, hoping to get that done in the next week or so. I've started the pile-able pups pattern. I've pulled out yarn for two Ysolda patterns... always looking at the next project!


theatreknitter said...

Both of these look fantastic. congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Two beautiful sweaters!

Cecelia said...

Great looking sweaters!

Haven't seen Jackson in a while....Is he doing OK?

Virginia said...

OMG, gorgeous! Especially the second one. That is the cutest outfit too, pairing it with jeans and a white tank! Nice styling. ;)

PS. And awesome posture. We need to practice that for the wedding photos next week! xo

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