I love mail, who doesn't? Unless it's bills of course. I went through a really good stretch back in the spring where I think I got a package of some sort everyday for about a week! It's dried up some - swaps aren't happening until later, I've cancelled a bunch of magazines, I've tried to get my name off junk mail. I'm antsy though. Even though I'm in no rush or need of new yarn, I'm waiting for yarn "payment" from 4 different yarn jobs and I'm looking forward to the next IntentionYarns Club installment. With TNNA this weekend I don't expect to hear from 2 of those yarn companies until at least next week. Each day when the mail-person arrives in the little truck it's such a tease when I hear the truck idle at my mailbox, then when I rush outside thinking maybe there's a package in it, there's nothing nearly as exciting as a package. :)

Trolling etsy doesn't help me drool over potential packages either.

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Sunflowerfairy said...

I love mail too.

So what on etsy has you drooling? (I love finding new sellers!)

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