Low-Key Earnings

Lately I've been trying out a few things and I wanted to share them.

First off is Swagbucks.com

Search & Win

Swagbucks is so easy. First, you search the web using www.swagbucks.com and receive results from Google & Ask.com. Second, Swag Bucks are periodically awarded as you search the web. Third, redeem your Swag Bucks for exclusive swagbucks.com products and more in the Swag Store.

I do a few searches a day and usually pick up a few swagbucks just by doing that. If you are on facebook or twitter there are also bonus "codes" that will win you more swagbucks. I was figuring that I would work towards Amazon.com credits, but they have just added a PayPal reward - this will be so handy!!

The second thing I wanted to share is YouData.com Attention Paid. They are trying to convince consumers like us that we should be the ones controlling our own data and selling our own attention, not third parties like broadcasters, newspapers, and spammers. By creating a MeFile at YouData.com, I now control what ads I see and when I see them. Best part - I am selling my attention directly to interested advertisers, for real money. That's right, I get paid for giving them my attention. I can use the funds to buy music and video online, donate to charities, give to my favorite blogs and websites, or keep the change myself and do whatever I want with it. It's real. They pay. You should check it out. Click this link to sign up. My MeFile ID, beccah, in the "Referral Code" will tell them I sent you.

I've gone on YouData for maybe 5 or 10 minutes tops and take a look at the ads (and I have found some great new shopping sites too!) and that's it!

Neither of these sites will make me rich quick or at all, but it's easy enough to put a little cushion in the PayPal account - that will fund some new etsy treats or yarn / pattern purchases from Ravelry :)

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Anonymous said...

I signed up for both of those sites today. I, too, like the fact that they will pay through Paypal.

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