Back Up The Roller Coaster

It's all good and perfectly normal (and according to others who have commented) I can expect more of the same when it comes to Lorelai and her mood / actions / whatnot. I don't want my blog to become a place of all venting or whining. Here's what happened the rest of yesterday.

After she got up from her "rest" (I don't think she slept at all, but quiet time is good for everyone) we went outside to play for a bit. One of her new favorite activities is picking the cherry tomatoes:
Picking tomatoes
My tomato plants are all kinds of crazy - they have fallen over and just are everywhere, in all shades of green and brown. Anyway, she's very particular - she holds the bag, she picks the tomatoes - and she was pretty good about only picking the red ones.... Maybe we should hit up Bishop's Pick Your Own?

After we picked tomatoes I went to pick a few green beans. I handed them to her and told her to put them in the bag as well. I turned my back to grab a few more beans and I hear CRUNCH!...

Silly little rabbit. :)
Yep, that's right

Little rabbit.


theatreknitter said...

bishops is doing a pick yur own special for rasberries.

dragon knitter said...

each child does their own thing. trust me. my eldest was angelic as a baby, and a terror as a toddler. #2? a whiney, colicky baby who hated her father (wasit precognition? she's 23 now, and refuses to speak to him), and was a WONDERFUL toddler. #3 was a wonderful sweet child from the minute he popped out of the womb until he turned 14 OH MY GOD WHO ARE YOU AND WHERE IS MY SWEET ANGEL?. #4? majorly mellow baby, until he walked. then he NEVER STOPPED RUNNING (later diagnoses showed he has Asperger's, which includes ADHD, ODD, OCD and general depression).

see? every kidis different. the lorax will find her own place. she's just adjusting to the fact that she's easily mobile, and communicating, and has amind of her own. cultivate the independence, while keeping her safe, andyou'll have one heck of a woman when she grows up (my girls amaze me, now (the eldest girl is going to be *gulp* 25 in november))

you're doing fine. don't pay anymind to the "just wait til she's THREE!" gang. she'll do what she does. (mind you, i feel like i'm getting ready for when my kids have my grandkids, so i can dispense this advice, too, lol)

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