Weekend Whirlwind

I've been knitting away on several projects, but they are in various states of "Let me knit a few more rows and photograph them in better light" - so, soon. Interesting stuff in these parts.

This weekend we took Lorelai to the Guilford Fair - she's much more into the animals, so we had high hopes that going on Saturday afternoon would be a good idea. One of the first photos I took over near the little "zoo" was this:
Saddest fair face ever? We were watching the goats. Maybe she was tired - we did spend 45 minutes in the car getting to the fair (mind you, that's a trip of a distance that we could normally do in less than 10 minutes, even on a busy day in town!). We walked and strolled about, checking out the animals. Rabbits bigger than our dog, ducks of all feathers (and noises)..

IMG_8350 IMG_8348

IMG_8361 IMG_8359

Sheep. And Llamas - including a mama / baby, which were cute - our favorite books lately are the "Llama Llama" series (mad at mama, red pajama, misses mama) by Anna Dewdney.

After some fair food and a break we went back to the zoo and fed the goats.
Much better mood!

That was it - we were there for maybe an hour and a half tops. It's still hard with her - she wants to walk about, but doesn't want to walk and hold our hand. She's still picky about the food (though she did eventually like some watered down lemonade, a bite of pretzel and some ice cream - not so big on the fried dough this year). On the plus side - she's too little for rides still. Next year maybe.

On Sunday, Dan and I went up to the U2 Concert in Foxboro - what a show. They've got talent and they know how to work the crowd.
We were way up - it was breezy, but I had a neckwarmer / fingerless mitts / central park hoodie - yay for wool! I was quite cozy :)

This was one of the best bits from the show - "Stuck in a Moment" done acoustic (or, as acoustic as you can get playing at Gillette Stadium for umpteen thousand people!)

I found a setlist online - yay!

Now I need to find a bootleg to download!


theatreknitter said...

Glad that you all got to enjoy the fair, and most importanly the CONCERT!!!!

See you on saturday.

Anonymous said...

I've always love that song and the band U2 since my older brother came home from high school back in 1988 with his friend, Dave Carey (who I had an *enormous* crush on) who introduced him to this Irish band called U2 that he like.

Maureen said...

Wow, thanks for posting that clip of the concert. We're going to see them on the 28th of Oct in Vancouver - can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You had a great weekend. I saw U2 at Woolsey Hall in New Haven years ago and they were amazing. Love them.

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