Lately I've been distracted by other things than what's on my needles - I'm enjoying working on my bat shawl and on my Trellis and Vine sweater, but I'm heeding the call of other projects.

Exhibit 1 - I can crochet! Is this the dark side? I can do a basic chain, single crochet and double crochet and make a ring, and now I'm browsing Ravelry for crochet patterns! Amigurumi here I come! It started with a custom knit request from one of my aunts for one of my cousins for a sort of headband that they saw in a shop. After conversing with my sister-in-law, Virginia, who is way more up with these sorts of fashion things than I am, I decided that even though it was crochet, Headband with Flower was the best choice.
Flower Headband
Ravelry details - I used some cotton yarn from my stash, and it was done in an afternoon. Crochet is pretty cool and I like that it has rejuvenated how I browse patterns!

Exhibit 1a: I told you I couldn't stop crocheting. I made the another crochet flower and attached a clip to the back - haven't been able to get Lorelai to wear it yet.
Crochet Flower Clip
Totally not blocked, the yarn is Schaefer Yarn "Laurel".

Exhibit 2: I went digging in the bags of projects I keep near my computer. So sad to have hibernating projects! I finished up a loaf of bread!
Knit toast?? Or something else?
Ok, not really. This is better:
Pile-able Pup
It's one of the Pile-able Pups from Mochimochiland - so cute. It was cute, but I think I have lost my momentum on this project and it may just be the one pup. But he's still pile-able, see?
Pile-able Pups
Stuff on my dog. Other details about this are on here.

Exhibit 3: This sweater, Peace Baby has been in and out of hibernation for a while. I finished all the seaming and have to now go back and do the neck trim and the little design on the front.
Sweater in progress

I've also be distracted / inspired by these websites - go check them out!
*Craft Hope
*Sharing Our Gifts: 50 Gifts, 50 States
*ReadyMade's A Week Without Spending - written by Virginia - I really admire her taking on this challenge and look forward to her tips and revelations!

In the world of Lorelai, she's been really cute lately - this is a fun stage - there's been a lot of mimicking me throughout the day and her "helping" to clean or whatever.
Oh, and we're obsessed with the potty. Not actually using it, but playing with it. Using the cushy tushy part as a big bracelet, or something to look through, or pretend to drive a car...


Virginia said...

I LOVE how the crochet flower headband turned out!! So darn cute. (As is The Lorax.)

Anonymous said...

Those are some great links. I've been to Woodbury Commons and I can attest to your SIL's affection for this place. It is about 10 times bigger than Clinton Crossing and is soooo addictive.

Sinclair said...

I love the flower headband! I was just visiting from Ravelry. I am adding all participants' blogs to the blogroll on Sharing Our Gifts. Thanks also for the mention of the project in your post! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

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