This I Believe.

Hello "Terrible Twos". It's another day with the toddler. Today she nearly melted down in the grocery store (we compromised and she walked around the store and helped pick items off the shelf. She's no longer content to sit in the cart at all and snack and watch the world go by.) We came home and she threw a fit that I didn't take her outside with me when I took the dog out. She had a nap, actually ate some lunch (yogurt! apparently that is "in" again. grapes. chips.) She watched me vaccuum. She threw toys. She had a time out. She threw more toys. She had another time out. We snuggled, we picked up the toys. We talked about going to the swings and slides. She threw a fit when I put on her socks and shoes. She contorted her body in such a way I couldn't get her into the car seat. We snuggled and I told her she was going to have a nap. "Yeah". Put her in there and she's out. Resting at least.

In talking with others plurkers, she's acting like a kitten - all cute and cuddly, then in the same minute is destructive and crazy. Oy.

On the plus side, I've got some extra knitting time now - off to the projects: my sweater for the sweater KAL, the bat shawl, a bag I'm test knitting / editing....

Picture is from a brief moment in the madness of this past weekend. It had stopped raining, but she wanted to wear the coat. With the hood on. Whatever. The puddle was great.
Puddle splashing


Anonymous said...

This to shall pass.

Hunny said...

I hate to say it but.....

Wait till three!!

Sunflowerfairy said...

Firemanshunny is right on. Threes are so much more trying. Just wait until she can tell you in great detail exactly what you are doing wrong. She's gonna tell you and everyone else. Loudly.

Love the puddle photo. :)

theatreknitter said...

wish i could be even closer to offer you a hand.

hang in there.

luv ya

Anonymous said...

Gotta love that kid!

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