2010 is going to be HUGE, I just know it. I also know I've got big plans right at the moment (right before life happens and shifts my priorities), and I tend to take on way more than I should, and I tend to jump right in, and I know I stink at sticking to my resolutions. SO, this is my list of ambitions (or goals or resolutions, whatever.) for 2010, but several of them will hopefully last me for the next decade. Maybe I'll feel somewhat accountable if I post it and put it out there on the internet. (I have given up on 101 in 1000, so we'll see)

Knit / Craft-wise
**Knit from stash: My goal is to only buy yarn for specific projects, not just because of the pretty.

**Work on the crochet-skills: I've got a ton of patterns queued up for amigurumi and toys for Lorelai.

**10 Shawls in 2010: Having made two in 2009 and I do wear them (bandit style), gives me confidence that I can do this (maybe only 5 in 2010, but why not shoot for 10). I'm lurking on this knit-along, but with my current stash I would love to work up the following:
a. Swirl Shawl b. Milkweed Shawl c. Inconceivable d. Herbivore e. Frost Diamonds f. Citron g. Springtime Bandit h. Ishbel (take two - possible gift)i. Rorschach's Net j.Centrique

**Make us Christmas Stockings that match.

**Rav queue could use a bit more sorting through and tagging.

**More charity knitting (Schuyler Blanket Project, Sharing Our Gifts)

**Sweater a Month Challenge Since I spotted this I can’t stop thinking about it, so I guess that’s a good idea to join. I’m thinking that for myself I’ll be using the following strategies:
a. A mix of adult (me) and baby / toddler sweaters - will keep in interesting and will break things up as needed. I’ve got at least 6 babies that I want to knit for in the coming year and several toddlers as well.
b. I’ve got 1 sweater that was started in 2008, but has been hibernating since october. I am going to let that count as a half-sweater.
c. I’ve uncovered a sweater from a pile of WIPs that was started in 2005. It needs a button band fix, seams, ends woven in :) That will count as a quarter sweater.
d. As others have said - variety is key - bulky / super bulky will help, short sleeves will help. Vests? I want one (or two) and may count those as half-sweaters as well.

**Use my sock books and knit some socks! I need new ones!

**Design "something" or several "somethings" - share the design. Get listed on Rav as a designer.

House & Home & Life
**Stick to the menu planning.
**Try 1-2 recipes a week. Use the crock-pot (make it work)
**General organizing (I know what I need to do)
**Having no income already keeps my spending in check - so that will continue, but I am giving more thought to going back to work.
**Read more! (listening to audio books will count.)

Bloggy bits
**Post more frequently.
**Leave more comments (as Sara says, blogging is a two way street)
**Respond to comments (Blogger doesn't always lead me to a way to respond... gotta look into that!)

That should keep me busy, eh?


Jen said...

I wish you the best of luck. I know that you can do this...especially the designing part. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with your goals for 2010. Happy new year!

alh said...

Thanks for the reminder that this is a two way street. And if you figure out a way to respond to comments, let us all know, I've long wanted that as well...

Happy New Year, I enjoy all of your posts and knitting and here's to another great year for you and yours!

sara said...

Wow. What a list! Good luck in 2010! I like some of yours so I'll have to add them to one of my monthly lists.

theatreknitter said...

easy easy crock pot recipe. Get chuck steak, slice it (cubes, strips whatever) take 2-3 onions. cut them up, take 2 cups of water. put it all in the crock pot with some black pepper, garlic, whatever you like. 6 hours on low.

You will have a great meal (serve it over mashed potatoes) and also, steak sandwiches for a week. It produces a good broth that you can also freeze for later.

Yummy. one of my nana's recipes.

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