Sneaky Memories

Memories are tricky things. There are the memories that you think about so frequently and you just know you'll never forget, even if they get blurry around the edges and then there are the memories that sort of hit from left field and it just seems crazy that you still remember such a thing.

Betsy gifted me a very cool book for Christmas - Knit Green - it's got some great information / articles along with several very cool knitting patterns / ideas (Ravelry link). One I can't stop thinking about is this soft basket - it's made from cutting up a flat sheet and then knitting with that "fiber". We don't use the flat sheets on our beds, so I know I have a potential resource right there (just want to clear it with give hubs a heads up to this project first). Anyway, I also remembered that I had some old sheets from my Nana - she gave me her full dining room set and china set before she died, and we must have used the sheets to cushion our packing. I found the sheets (tossed in a cabinet, where they have sat untouched since they left Nana's house with her stuff, so that's at least 4 years) - they still smell exactly like my Nana's house. They are in the washing machine right now, but still, I was floored. I'll have before / during / after photos on that project soon!

Then I was prepping dinner (making chili, my folks are coming over tonight) - I was chopping an onion, which I rarely do (side note. I just don't like onion. Hubs doesn't miss it either - usually I really shortcut it and add in some dehydrated minced onion so there's some flavor, but I'm coming around - I bought a bag of onions at the last grocery trip.) - I was chopping it up and smelling the onion and wondering if it was going to make me teary and WHAM image of Nana, chopping onions in her kitchen, laughing with tears from the onions in her eyes, making Sunday dinner for the family. A good memory, but still, took me off guard.

I miss all my grandparents that have passed - Poppi's easy smile, Grampa's stories and grin, and Nana especially. I like to think that Nana would approve of my onion chopping and also that she would approve of cutting up her sheets. We don't have any twin beds in the house - not planning on getting one either, but I kept the sheets, and I know Grampa would approve of my thriftyness there. And having the family over for dinner.

My other grandmother gave me this picture at Christmas - from my bridal shower, 2004, good times. Betsy! you're in the background!

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