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No big surprise to anyone if I state here in my blog that I'm addicted to knitting. I am starting to feel the pull of crochet as well. But this was something unexpected. I was gifted a Kindle for Christmas and I started out with some fairy tales (Grimm's and the Blue Fairy Book) and found I wanted something just a bit more... So I purchased "Twilight" - I can't stop reading! I also can't quite put my finger on what is so compelling about this story / writing style. I am totally going to read the rest of the series when I finish this first installment.


Allison said...

I got a Kindle for Christmas as well! But I haven't gotten into the Twilight series...yet. I think I'm afraid to because I'd probably lose myself very quickly!

Sunflowerfairy said...

LOVED Twilight and really liked the rest of the series. Wait until you get to the last book. I kept saying, "One more page and if it doesn't get good I'm putting it down..." then- POOF...got good and it was well worth the patience.

Peaceful Knitter said...

I have all the books in hard copy and would love to pass them along if you're interested in turning pages! I don't know why, but I couldn't stop reading them either, even when I wanted to throw the book across the room.

Elizabeth said...

I resisted the Twilight series because I was so sick of hearing everyone rave about it. But I finally gave in and read the first two books in two days over Christmas. Then I read the 3rd one on NYE. I just finished the fourth. There's also a 12 chapter book from Edward's point of view, in pdf format, on the author's website. What can I say, it was a really slow at work during the holidays.

ImplausibleYarn said...

oh the Twilight road!! I went down that rabbit path last year and its crazy, nobody seems to know why it compels you but it does!

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