I almost don't have words for this. I think most people who read my blog already know this, but seeing as how my blog has become a fairly good record for the everyday happenings of my life, it makes sense to me to record this as well.

On Wednesday night, Dan went out to see some friends. On his way there (around 9:30), on a main road in the next town over, all of a sudden there was a car in his lane. He swerved to the left as it became clear the other car didn't see him or was going to move. They crashed - on the passenger side. Side air bags went off. He got out of the car and heard the people in the other car say something along the lines of "get rid of the alcohol". Everyone (dan + the 2 girls in the other car) was fine, just shook up - the other passenger had a bloody nose. When the police arrived, I guess they could smell the alcohol on the passenger and the driver said that she was distracted looking at her iPod. Dan heard the officers talking to each other about the girls and he mentioned that they were talking about getting rid of alcohol. So the officer went back over and went to the driver, gave her a field sobriety test and then she was arrested on the spot for DWI (or suspicion of, whatever it is called). Oh and get this - she's 20.


I guess the passenger had a suspended license (and she was drunk anyway), and the driver was going to pick her up - or that's what their story was. She's got to be in huge trouble. We figure that she's home on spring break from college. We looked her up on Facebook and found her and the last "status update" on her FB page (3 hours before the accident) is a reference to smoking a blunt.


So, the car is toast. The front passenger quarter panel is all smashed up / glass is shattered. And you can see looking at the car how it took the impact - there is evidence of like a ripple effect along the back side of the car. Scary, yes. Crazy, yes. It's just a car. But still. Dan is fine - he's a little bruised. But we are all shaken.

Can't help but think of the driver - she's got to be having a worse time of it. I can't find where to begin to imagine if Lorelai were to ever be in this sort of situation.

Please, buckle up. Drive safe. Pay attention out there.
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