Obsessed and Scattered

I feel like lately my mind has been running a million miles a second - I've had so many brain flashes of ideas (that may or may not actually work) and trying to follow up on these ideas leads to more inspiration online. Which leads me to supply sources which brings more inspiration, and so on.

The current jumble of my thoughts is along these lines:
*I shredded chicken for chicken enchiladas tonight. This is something that for some unknown reason has scared me to no end. Today I jumped in and did it. I can't wait to eat dinner tonight. (Thank you to Tried & Trues and One Stop Cook)
*I watched the "Good Eats" Pretzel Episode last night, and currently have dough rising. I love the bread-y yeast-y smell. Good eats today, fingers crossed! And wouldn't you know it - I had bookmarked Amy's post on ReadyMade - You Should Make Soft Pretzels but didn't read though it until today. Yep, Alton Brown's recipe.
*Corey Haim died. An obsession of my past, I've adored him since I was 10 or so. So sad.
*I'm determined to crochet some potholders.
*I'm going to give quilting a try: bag, table runner, Flower table runner, Mini i-spy quilt
*I'm going to spend some time with my sewing machine: bowl wraps, napkins, Sandwich Wrap, make my own bias tape, origami drawstring bag...

Maybe it is due to these last few days of beautiful spring-like weather. It's time to refresh and renew and revive. Until the next three days when it is supposed to just rain. Then I'll hunker down with my wool again. No, I'll get to it today after I clean up the kitchen. My current projects are still in blob form and not all that interesting to show off - in another day or two we'll be there.

I finally have some pictures of me actually wearing my Central Park Hoodie - I love this sweater and wear it frequently. We went up to New York state to visit my brother and sister-in-law's new house, along with the rest of the family - it was a great day, good food, great location.
(The Lorax was startled that Daddy was taking the pictures, not mommy for once.)


CPH side views


Thea said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I'm actually going to be making pretzels next week as part of a bake-along, how did you know? : )

Crochetlocket said...

that cph is awesome! It looks friggen professional! good for you!

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