Flittens for the win!

Yesterday, even among the drips (which, thankfully, have slowed back down to one drip today), I finished my first true 2011 object. All the knitting was done this year. Matchgirl (Pattern #0706) by Dolce Handknits.
I think I was most taken with the way the top and bottom cuffs echo each other - the bottom scalloping edge is achieved through knitting, the top uses crochet.

These flittens have a nice length to them - I think the final measurement is about 9 inches. Makes for a tricky self-photo.
Ack! Creepy spider hand!

My secret is....I've still haven't taken down my Christmas cards!

These were a great, low-key, quick knit. I have not knit with a novelty yarn in a while and I expected more trouble from the sequins. It was only a minor issue when it came to weaving in ends really. I had purchased three balls of this yarn, Rozetti Yarns "Polaris" in "Cloud Dancer". I used a whopping 0.61grams of one-skein. Color me impressed. I'm considering my options for what to do with the remaining 2.4 skeins! Currently I'm thinking about Chinook Scarf or Simple Things.


Virginia said...

OOH pretty! And I like how subtle the sequins are — just an eensy bit of glam.

You have absolutely converted me to flittens — I wear mine constantly, but they are very chunky and am already thinking about how I'd like a sleeker pair. For fancy flitten occasions, obviously...

sara said...

Just gorgeous! I love the subtle sequins, too.

Jen said...

Love your flittens!

Sonia said...

Those turned out great! I really like the sparkle.

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