That's a lot of snow.

Phrase of the day around here on Wednesday - That's a lot of snow. I think one of us said it at least once an hour. I am one of those people that generally does not mind snow. I live in New England. It gets cold in the winter. Part of the New England charm is the snow (and it makes the cold worthwhile!) The snow event yesterday really was impressive - those flakes just kept on coming all day long! Even Dan's work closed and that never happens!
The kids watching Dan shovel so that Jackson wouldn't be lost in the snow when he went out.

I think we got around 18 inches of snow. A stack of several dachshunds, at least. A plus side of the cold and snow is that Jackson's potty breaks are real quick!

This is Jackson's ideal - snug in a blanket. Just add a human lap for more warmth and he's in heaven!

I curled up too and though it would be a perfect day to be buried under wool while working on a blanket or sweater, instead I had this at my side:
A new WIP - Matchgirl - a pair of flittens for me. The yarn is Rozetti Yarns "Polaris" and it has sparkly sequins in it. I spotted a shop sample of these flittens in the yarn and was sold! I didn't want to even try to wind up this yarn on my ball winder so it was a perfect project to christen my new yarn bowl (a present from my brother and sister-in-law!) and it's perfect!

So today the great dig-out commences - be careful out there!


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