A New Doll

Last fall I spotted this Scrappy Doll and little soxxy dress patterns on fpea's blog. I was quite taken with both and thought that I would knit one up for Lorelai after the holidays. I am quite pleased to share that I followed through on that notion (January isn't even done yet!) and the doll is 100% complete. Lorelai has really taken a turn towards playing with dolls in general and babies - she sits them in her old Bumbo seat, puts them on the potty, feeds them, and so on, so the timing is pretty good.

The actual knitting of the doll took only a few days. The felting worked out pretty well, however, I forgot that white yarn does not shrink all that much, so this doll has a large head (for her big brain of course!). I did ask Lorelai what color dress the doll should have as well as what color hair. Her answer for both was "Rainbow". Hrm, well, a little stash diving brought up the perfect options for both. She is a bit Punky Brewster and a bit Rainbow Brite, just like Lorelai.
Scrappy Doll & Dress
Embroidering the face was the hardest part for me. Making the hair was probably the most fun. I followed the tutorial linked in the pattern, no problem!

All my yarn details are part of the Ravelry project page.

When I gave her the doll I asked her what the doll's name was - after a pause, she said "Clara, she's a ballerina". Possibly, she still has "The Nutcracker" on the brain or it could be from Brontorina. She said she liked the ballerina dress. That was unintentional - but I will take it. Everything else around here lately has been named Cinderella / Snow White / Sleeping Beauty.

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