So cloche, so far

Still here, still pregnant. I did go off to Rhode Island for the night with the Lorax and my mom - it was really nice to get to hang out near the beach and even go out to dinner and show with a few of my aunts. One of my cousins babysat the Lorax while we were out and I am so pleased that went off without a hitch, given that only grandparents have watched her when we have gone out! Makes me feel a bit better about dropping her off for "camp" next week :)

I finished up the cloche last night... I don't think I'm going to bother with the ribbon inside the bottom band or bother to look for a big old button either.
meh. I think I may try tossing it in the wash and then lining it so it can be a bowl instead.

I tried it on Jackson as well, but he really was in no mood for a photo shoot. Most of my photos look like this:

Lorelai is actually a pretty good assistant - she sat next to Jackson and held the hat on his head.

And I think she may be a budding photographer as well - after we took pictures of Jackson she wanted to take pictures of Dan wearing the hat. Luckily, he is a better sport than Jackson:

Oh well. It's done and I can move on to other projects.

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sara said...

Great title!

Sorry the hat was a disappointment.

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