Yarn Along - July 27

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Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Take a photo and share it either on your blog or on Flickr.

Most of the States were under that "Heat Dome" since last week. The heat seemed to be mentioned in most of the knitting blogs I read. I am no exception - my knitting mojo is seriously slowing down. I've been looking at patterns and yarn wistfully with big ideas of working on something, but right now I just feel so "meh". Even my reading has suffered. I'm still reading "Moby Duck" but with words like obfuscatorily sprinkled in there, it is slow going as I refresh my memory on SAT words that were covered in high school english class. I think I'm on page 135 out of 348 - and I have been at this book since what, late June? For me that is ridiculously slow. Eh. So, here's my in-progress items for this week.
These were passed on to me from my folks - they get random magazines because the companies think my folks are a doctor's office (Dad is a Dr., but non-practicing). Yeah, so I have been scanning / reading the gossip magazines - these two issues are awful, so many of the same photos even! I am embarrassed, but owning it - that's all my brain can handle.

I did finish up the basic foundation of the Rainbow Marley and it's cute. Now, it's on to the topper thingies. Oy, I'm not loving them. I really feel like they should be going quicker than they are - it's taking me around 45 minutes to make each of those yip-yip-alien-looking things and apparently I also can't count to 18. Fiddly little details. I have two more to complete, then figure out how to put them together / on to the hat. Meh.

The other topic I keep reading about is "Sock Summit" - those who are going, those who aren't, and the Couldn't Foot It self-challenge. In a moment of heat induced insanity, I did consider doing this, but quickly came to my senses. By random chance (which means I found the pattern, found the needles and had a ball of yarn ready to go) I did start a sock - Tennarisukka
Is it possible to take a flattering photo of your feet with a sock in progress? At least I feel pretty good about my feet this week - I indulged in a pedicure while the Lorax was at her camp - the color is Pamplona Purple, I spotted it on Pinterest, found it at the salon, and the woman next to me liked it enough that she went with it as well. Back to the sock - anklets are really satisfying for sock knitting - 6 rows and the cuff was done, a few rows and then bam! start the heel! Gusset is done! Now I am on to the foot and will be there for a while.

I am planning to get out to SnB this week (YAY!!!) but I have no idea what I will work on. The sock? The rainbow twirly thingies? The Stand-Mixer-Cozy (which I thought I was all set on yarn, then I realized it is the wrong weight, so I need to find an alternative or swatch and do some math) - by the way, I spotted these mixers online and if I wasn't going to knit a cozy for mine, I would consider hand painting...


sara said...

I keep telling myself to cast on a pair of socks in honor of Sock Summit, but I still haven't gotten around to it and no, it is not possible to take flattering foot photos.

kerri.warmus said...

I had to laugh at your comments about reading the gossip mags. I like to read People magazine, which has never really sat well with my vision of who I am. But I realized, I would read it if it was all about peope that weren't famous. I just like reading about other people's lives. Which is probably why I am getting into reading blogs. And sometimes, we just need the break for our own reality into someone elses that doesn't require any read thinking. So read on :)

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