One Month

With disbelief I write this post - the lil'nutmeg is already one month old today! We are starting to all get used to each other I think. The Lorax still calls you "our baby from the hospital" and apparently that stuck with her - she drew this picture this week of me, still pregnant.
Artist at work

But on to the "birthday" boy - since you've been born there has been an earthquake, a hurricane / tropical storm, a week without power, and many moments where Dan and I just look at each other and ask "Did Lorelai do this? Was Lorelai like that?" So much of these early days are blur - I try so hard not to compare you to your sister!
A lot of the time you enjoy being like this:
On your belly, trying to suck your thumb (left hand! are you going to be a lefty like mom?)

A lot of the time you also do this:
So serious. And we're seriously in love.


Virginia said...

So does Lorelai think you grabbed some other baby at the hospital, and you're still carrying around her real brother or sister? That's hilarious. I love how kids' minds work!

And I love love love The Real Nate (sorry Lorax) -- such an expressive little face, gah!

Liz said...

They are both just beautiful.

Emily said...

You have beautiful children!

I am still amazed by all of that baby hair! :)

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