When In Doubt, Knit a Hat

Fellow Knitters, I'm putting out the knit-signal...

(credit for the logo goes to TheBookishGirl way back when!)

My good friend Betsy, aka Theatreknitter, and her family have had some major stresses to deal with. On Aug. 31st her nephew, Patrick, was brought into Yale New Haven Children's Hospital ER. On that day they found 3 brain tumors that were quickly removed . While he is meeting milestones and doing pretty well recovering from his surgery, there is still a long way to go. She would like to thank the nurses, doctors, and community of Yale Children's by donating "Pat Pat's hats" (PatPat is what Patrick calls himself) so that children undergoing treatment can get a warm hat while receiving treatments. We're looking for hats for preemies to teenagers, and everything in between. Can you make a hat or two (or more? Or maybe you would like to help in some other way?)? I am helping out as I can as a point person for collecting the hats. The hats will be donated on December 18th, Patrick's 3rd birthday.

You can message me on Ravelry (I'm nutmegknitter) or shoot me an email: nutmegknitter AT gmail DOT com
We have also set up a Facebook event as well - if you would like to "attend". I think it is set as a "public" event, but if you have trouble message me and we can figure it out!


theatreknitter said...

I don't know how to thank you enough for posting this!!!!!

Katie said...

Thank you Becca, love Katie(nana)

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