Oh My, Wollmeise!

Last week I participated in a fast action swap online. Person A put up something, Person B says "Mine" and then Person B puts up something new. I had fast fingers and claimed a skein of the ever elusive, Wollmeise! A whole skein! I have a few minis for the Beekeeper Quilt, and that's great and all, but this. This. Is. Yarn. (said in the voice of the Dad from "A Christmas Story" - This. Is. A. Lamp.)
This color is "Sabrina" - a green-ish teal that is a real bugger to photograph. It is actually pretty close in color to my phone case, which is the teal one. I have spent the last few moments wandering around the house, hoping the camera battery lasts to get an accurate picture.
That's kindof it.
Oh my wollmeise
Also kindof.
Anyway, it's lovely. I would love to start on it right away, but I've been hired to knit on other things right now.


Hazels Crochet said...

Those are lovely colours, I really like peacock blues, turquoise and teal blue colours :) so much that I want that to be my main theme colour whenever I get married :)

Hopefully you will get to use them soon enough though :)

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Yeah for Wollmeise! I may have one in that color....I have yet to unwound any of my Wollmeise because it is in the skein so perfectly!

Jen said...

Ohh, lucky!

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