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Way back in early 2010 I started to knit a sweater. It was a test knit and I managed to get all the pieces knit, and I even found buttons.

When I started to seam it up, I encountered major shoulder issues. There should have been a bit of cute puff on the shoulder, but instead I had pointy shoulders. It looked like an odd outfit you might find on Star Trek.

This is one instance where I really did not enjoy test knitting. When I made contact with the designer I was told, "Ok, I'll look at it, but really you should just reknit it". UM. That's not professional or helpful. My gauge was good. I'm testing a pattern to bring potential issues to your attention. I offered a few thoughts on what I thought would work. I was told, "That sounds good. I appreciate your notes." But that still doesn't help me with my sweater. I was so frustrated that the sweater sat. And sat. And sat. I never did try to redo the sleeves because I was just annoyed. Beyond the initial pattern revision due to a math issue, I never saw a revision of the pattern or even the final version so I don't even know what that is like. Anyway. 

Hello Ravellenic Games event, Frogging Trampoline. I have my yarn back.  I have great buttons to match! Now I need to find a better sweater.  I'm thinking maybe Snow White (no buttons needed), Arm Candy, Samovar, or even Notre Dame de Grace.

I am very surprised at how I felt ripping all that work out. It was addictive and therapeutic. And I can tell my seaming skills are getting better as it took me a while to find my ends! Here's to starting over!! 

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WifeMomKnitter said...

Well, Becca, I vote for either the Snow White (you would look so good in this sweater) or the Samovar.

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