Yarn Along - Ravellenic Games Progress

What are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Have you linked up over at Yarn Along?

Yarn along

I feel like I am off to a good start with my Ravellenic Games "competition".  I've started the sleeve for my Sweater Triathalon event, but can't share photos until the design is published. My Rhinebeck hat is started for a Hat Dash, but that is under wraps until Rhinebeck! I did have a super idea for my hat, in my opinion, while working on the Modular Relay race and I am very excited about getting started on it. I hope it turns out the way I picture it!

I can share what I have done for the Modular Relay with my minis.  Six out of the nineteen minis are knit up and the ends are woven in.  I have to say one of my favorite things about working with the minis is getting to try out new-to-me yarns.  I am learning that I really like a yarn with good SQUISH factor.  Skein Queen is one that I LOVED knitting with and I will certainly seek out more. You can see it second from the left, the muted blue-green hexiflat, 80% merino, 20% cashmere; I believe it is the Blush line.  Another good SQUISH yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks the Rock. I have knit with their yarns a few times before.  The colorway Electric KoolAid Acid Test is incredible. I had just enough to make one hexiflat, it is the first one on the left. I do not think I have ever seen a more vibrant shade of neon pink and I love it. I am not a pink person, so that is really saying something.  Every knitter should have this in their stash for knitting with in the depths of winter. I am making a mental note to seek out more of this particular colorway, asap.

Sample Knits - published!Creative Knitting is not usually part of my reading rotation, but I happened to pick it up today just to see what patterns were inside.  I flipped to the back and spotted this! That's the poncho sample I knit up for Plymouth back in February. It was a fun pattern, this is the child's size 8, but if you look at my ravelry photo I was able to wear it! I think this must be similar to what designers feel when they see their design published - my knit is off in the world!


Donna said...

That is so exciting to see your hand knits in a magazine! OMG! Socks the Rock is my absolute favorite sock yarn. Love the squish factor.

WifeMomKnitter said...

Yay, Becca!

Can't wait to hear about your plans for your Rhinbeck Hat.

Lori ann said...

congratulations! that is so exciting, your knitting is beautiful!

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