Fess Up

It's really hard to work on a gift knit for your significant other when you reside in a small apartment. I was working on the secret project at the Stitch-and-Bitch this week and even covertly working on it while we watched "Apprentice" and "Lost" and "Gilmore Girls" but I'm getting to the point of seaming! I was considering hiding out in the bathroom or the bedroom for about an hour, but that would have raised eyebrows. So I told him - I presented him with the penguin pieces and showed him the picture. Not how I intended, but hey, he was still surprised!

I really want to be working on the HelloKitty knit-a-long but I'm at the part where I need to focus on the chart stuff so it doesn't come out backwards or goofy.

I still want to finish the purple beast, also known as the sweater that is yet to be. I've got one front panel (it's supposed to be the buttonhole side, on the left, because I goofed in my leftyness) and I'm thinking I'll just leave the buttons off and do loops or something later... Groan.

I'm intested in finding yarn stores in Rhode Island - I found one in Providence, over near Brown - I'm thinking I'll swing by when I go to visit Nana during my Februray vacation.

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