Getting Good!

Yay! I've got the banner up! Huzzah! AND I got my comments back!!

Visiting with Nana was really good, went to PC and a great yarn store in Providence / near Brown University. Now I have the black that I need to continue working on my Hello Kitty bag. I worked on my Hallowig and am at the decreases - I might be done with it today!! But we have to do taxes and I should be grading / doing report cards.

I also came home last night to a fun package from my secret pal - a big thing of Mrs.Fields hot chocolate mix (white macadamia!!), frog stickers (so cute!), a "Teachers" Family brand soap (smells so pretty!) and a really cute book called "Furry Logic" - Thank you so much pal!!!

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Kirstie said...

I like the new banner!!! Such yummy treats from your SP! I'm (im)patienatly waiting for a package my SP says is on the way..... this secret pal stuff sure is fun!! :-)

Wendy G said...

Your new banner looks great!

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