Goodbye 2005, Hello 2006

Totally stolen from inspired by Crazy Aunt Pearl...
"I am a list maker....I make lists when I am stressed out, tired, lonely, bored, busy, frantic, drinking coffee, watching TV....Sometimes I make lists of things I have already completed just so I can draw a thick line through them and feel very accomplished. I hope you make lists, too, because I truly believe there is nothing a list can't cure. Just the very act of making the list makes you feel better. Like you are ON TOP of this thing! You have it under control! You have... A LIST! "

My 2006 List of TO-DOs and TO-DON'Ts

Money Things:
• No more late fees at the library. I mean, really. That is just sad.
• Stop buying stuff that I don't need.

The Size Of My Ass:
• Eat healthy stuff
• Get active - do yoga or pilates, use the weights, the balance ball...
• Drink more tea (start drinking white, drink more green)
• Drink more water.
• Use less sugar.

Personal Good Stuff & Leaving The House:
• Every day, choose happy over sad, free over constrained, liberated over abandoned, and laugh a lot. Wake up the next day and repeat.
• Plant a successful garden - tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, other flowers from seed!
• Go on a trip. (Crayola Factory with Betsy, Washington DC before Jen leaves)
• Visit my grandma, at least call her often and send her lots of happy mail.
• Stop procrastinating. Just stop it already.
• Moisturize. Constantly. You know you need it (especially when hubby says "I can tell where you lotioned and where you didn't!) And it doesn't matter if you can't reach. Ask for help.
• Floss.
• Make a dentist appointment.
• Get a new girlie doctor
• Get a skin scan? Something to make sure the moles and freckles are ok and not bad.
• Host Easter dinner for the families.

• Work hard. Make deadlines a day early.
• Look at all the options.
• Have a positive attitude. Especially at work and with all co-workers. Suit up, show up and act as if....
• Send thank-you notes
• Send mail. Lots of it. Cards, postcards, notes.
• Be on time with mail as needed (holidays, birthdays, etc)
Make Resolutions List and check it monthly to strike things out.

Knitting & Crafts:

• Make Nana chemo caps (Shedir, Berocco Chincilla, & __________ _
• Make a sweater. Wear the sweater.
• Make the Mac & Me ruffle scarf.
• Make the rainbow scarf from LMKGM
• Make socks. Wear the knitted socks.
• Learn to embroider (You already have the Sublime Stitching Starter Kit, and Stitch-It-Kit)
• Use the sewing machine. Even if it's only to make stuff for Jackson.
• Learn to crochet.
• Get good at crochet to attempt amigurumi.

Finally... The Not-To-Do List:

• Don't say "yes" to things just because someone springs them on me at the last minute. Instead, say "Let me think about it and get back to you."
• Time is sparse, life if short. Don't waste it on useless things, people, memories, obligations.
• Don't worry about stuff I can't change anyway.
• Don't expect other people to live by my values.
• Don't compromise my values for anyone.
• Don't choose the known over the unknown just because it's comfortable.
• Don't waste time on stupid stuff or mean stuff. Frequently ask myself "Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?"
• Don't minimize success.

To list is to live. To list online is to live out loud!


Heide said...

Happy New Year, Becca! Hope you're having a fun night.

Let me know if you're looking for names of local girly docs.


Anonymous said...

What fun looking at someone else's list. You remind me that we all are related in a deep and funny and serious way. Happy new year.

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