Snow Day - FO!

Thank goodness the weather people got it right today - no school for me! We all slept in and took it easy. Even took care of the Christmas cards :^) Yay! I've got a big list of knitting "to-dos", and now I can cross one of the things off - Flora is done! I think it's a little fidgety to figure out the buttons, but the recipient will like it, I'm pretty sure. I liked this pattern enough to buy more yarn in blues to make one for me!

I've been struggling with Shedir. THere's something funky going on with my cables. I just don't see the pattern emerging. Are there any lefties who have knit this successfully? I want to gift it to my Nana. I'm also going to make her the berocco chinchilla head hugger / chemo cap pattern. But I think the shedir pattern is so pretty!

Jackson has taken to getting himself to very high places. Including tables. And he seems to like wearing his new Land's End sweater.


Anonymous said...

Hi SP. Happy anniversary! Sounds like you had a fun one.

Sorry to hear your Nana is at the point in her chemo where she could use a chemo cap. I hope she's tolerating the treatments and they're effective for her.

I just made a Shedir. In general, a cable pattern is a bunch of knit stitches that cross each other on a purl background. In Shedir, the knit stitches from the ribbing interlace. So don't give up - if you can rib, you can do Shedir!

It's a little hard to tell from the photo, but it looks like you're purling some of the knit stitches, especially at the cable crossings. What's the inside of the cap look like? Is there a faint pattern of crossed knit stitches against a knit background?

Vegan Knitting said...

What a sweet little dog!

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