Things I Like

So, I'm avoiding grading and correcting, all while looking really important and busy as the kids are making parachutes! I can not wait for Christmas vacation!!!

I don't watch SNL anymore, this is hysterical (Chronicles of Narnia Rap!)

I'm really enjoying the cast-on podcast Good music too.

Last night, Heide hosted a cookie swap - it was nice to get out and meet some new people - I knew some of the gals from the knitting nights, but I haven't been in what feels like forever! School is just so time intensive. It was fun and the cookies were soooooo good!

I like more things than that, but I guess I don't know them readily...

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Anonymous said...

THe Narnia rap is HILARIOUS!! :) I'm going to have that stuck in my head all freaking day! lol

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