Long Weekend

Happy belated thanksgiving to all in the States. We hosted again (2nd year running!) and it went pretty flawlessly. We had both sets of parents, brothers, my grandmother, uncle & partner for a total of 12 - I think that's just right. Everyone brings stuff, and we took care of the turkey / potatoes (my brother mashed 'em perfectly) / stuffing / gravy - and even a lot of that is shortcuts. :) It's all good. I am in much favor (worship?) of Omaha Steaks turkey and Alton Brown's method. Juicy, perfect and delicious combination!

Week before last, Betsy and I went to a sale at Farmhouse Yarns (read more here) - we each stuffed a bag - I got 19 skeins! I'm thinking they'll be good for mittens (I'm in the knit mitt kit swap), scarves, and flower facecloths for holiday gifts with some fun soap (like these Biggs and Featherbelle - I love them!). You can also see in the picture 2 skeins of malabrigo (little lovely) that I couldn't stop touching...

And how excited was I to come home on Wednesday and find an installment from Scout's Indie Swag Club - love the colorway and the notecards from Glamscience.
There's a really great picture here.

And I thought I was successful in my LimeNViolet KAL - I got through the second sock:

Only to find out that I don't know where I lost track of paying attention, because sock #2 is too short for my foot!! It's only good as a dachshund nose warmer. Groan. I don't want to undo it to try and fix it. I'm tossing my hands up on this one.


Catherine Kerth said...

happy thanksgiving to you too! love the yarn you stocked up on! and the scouts swag colors are great!

Anonymous said...

Where is Farmhouse Yarns? Sounds like a great place to visit. I'm also a CT. knitter with a particular love for hand dyed yarn. Always looking for a new way to feed my obsession!

Rebecca said...

I enjoy watching Alton Brown, too. I'm not surprised you like him since you are a science teacher!

Take the plunge and fix your socks! But first, set them aside for a week.......... then, you will gain fresh perspective.

My L&V socks haven't made it past a couple inches on the cuff. I'm not overly crazy about the way the yarn has been dyed.

Anonymous said...

Yes, perhaps after you put the socks away for a bit, you'll be ready to take them out and fix the short one. It would be a shame not to wear them after the work you put in!

Life's a Stitch said...

Sounds like my kind of sale. Sales are very rare around here, I usually find them when I'm travelling.

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