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First of all, sitting 1 hour and 20 minutes in traffic (to go all of 16 miles - 13 of which are highway miles! No accident either. Ugh) is not my ideal way to start a Monday or any other day. Combine that with awful attitudes of preteens, tweens and teens. Combine that with finding more grafitti on my tabletops. I teach 4 through 8 graders. How do they know to write such garbage, and then why do they think it's funy?


Heide said...

Hmmmm, you must have been stuck on flooded 95 yesterday am too. That was really f-ing fun.

I'm guess you are not going to miss these kids next year!!!

theatreknitter said...

Oh bec, that suck. I am sorry.

Lv ya

Jane's Designs said...

I'm sure thats not what you were hoping for when you decided to be a teacher. Don't let it get you down.

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