Vacation plans

Yesterday marked Dan's first day of vacation, so good on that. we've been taking it real easy - getting ready for our little trip out to Hershey, PA tomorrow. Jackson is already at the breeder's for his vacation as well. I've got to start thinking about packing - it's maybe a 5 hour road trip... we're only staying for 3 days so I'm not worried about clothes - it's the knitting! Do I bring the socks? hats? hope-and-donald scarf? Something completely different? Do I bring 1 project? What if I get bored? Do I bring more projects? Still need to think it over.

Thursday was supposed to be "hat day" - I was going to work on a pixie hat using bulky yarn from my stash, a second baby hat and a chemo hat for my gram. Well, I didn't wind the yarn for gram's hat because I'm not sure about the color. I didn't start the second baby hat because I didn't print out all the pages of the pattern. And I didn't read the pattern / yarn label carefully on the pixie hat and ran short on the yardage (pattern called for 80 yards. my skein had 35 yards. groan). So it was kind of a bust, but I pushed onward and dug out the berrypatch pattern (I printed out in 2004!). I have gotten through the crust brim, and am about ready to start on the filling, but the pattern is somewhat confusing to me. I started to sift through it and then got distracted by putting the knitting all over the dog. He is such a good sport.

"King Jackson"

"Good Sport Sorta-Sunflower"

"Dachshund knitting"


dragon knitter said...

take it all. even if you don't touch any of it, it's comforting to have it there, just in case.

Anonymous said...

Super cute pictures!!!!!

Lia said...

Definately socks and 2 other projects, just in case :)

Your dog is adorable! And what a vacation he is getting - going to the breeder's - woo hoo!!

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