The last week of school is already hard enough. I've had two kids go on and on about how they can not wait for the last day to tell me off. Then I heard about hitting a teacher. When I told them it was a felony they wanted to know how much jail time it resulted in, because "They young and have the rest of they life" UGH. And then, because apparently my school can't do math in, oh, the start of the year, we get this memo today:
"Please be advised that Monday, June 18, 2007 will be a school day (half day). The state requires that we have 180 instructional days and we are short one day. There is no reason why we cannot make Monday our last day here. We just need to work hard Thursday and Friday afternoon to ensure all work gets done, everything gets filed and all materials are properly stored for the break."

I'm hopeful that not many kids will show, but given their parents and how they wouldn't want to be bored at home, we'll probably have a full house.

Insert big ol Lucy face here. If it's not one thing, it's another. I need some vitameatavegamin.

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