I'm so excited - I decided on a project, worked on it (and pretty much only it) and it was done before the due date: Father's Day - even though I won't see my dad until the end of the week. I made him the Knitpicks Bow Tie

I used Cygnet Wool Rich Four Ply yarn that I got from a swap - Color is "Denim Mix (2137) - used less than one skein. It was an easy pattern once you got going on it, but man - using those US1s messed with me after a while. I tried to tie it myself following online directions but couldn't get it to work, so I'll leave that to Dad and hopefully I'll get a picture with him in the tie. He prides himself on being able to tie a bow-tie. I'm excited for this somewhat goofy project as I haven't knit anything for him yet. I think he'll get a kick out of it.

Friday (the almost last day of school) Dan and I went into NY to see my brother perfom at the pit - very cool. They had the audience write down a word for a later improv thing and of course I wrote "knitting". Of the two papers my brother pulled, one of the two was mine. The other was "Banana Hammock" - so, after acknowledging that he pulled the paper his sister wrote he made a joke about getting a knitted banana hammock for Christmas. (anyone know of a pattern? that would be funny). **Edit to add: I googled "Knit banana hammock" and one of the first things that came up was the thong from knitty HAH!)

I didn't want to bring in the US1s on the train, so I cast on for Argosy - I think it will be a potential Christmas present - if I can part with it - it's a great pattern and works up seemingly quick!

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RC said...

Bananna hammock...hhmmmm true size or doll size?
cast on with cotton yarn the lenght you want, a couple of short rows, and cast off (think Calorimetry from knitty without the ribbing) you could put a large plastic (or metal ) ring at each end.

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