Baby Knits

Two FO's to blog about today - first off - baby booties!
Booties 2
Pattern: Saartjes Bootees (pdf file)
Yarn: leftover yarn that I used on the Carolina socks, Sockenwolle "Light" from handgefaerbt.com
Such a quick project. I do think I would like them better in a solid color or two, but for now, these are great!

Second, a Christmas Hat!
Christmas Tree Hat modeled
Pattern: Christmas Tree Hat from P2 Designs.
Yarns: stashbusting with Plymouth Wildflower DK (green), Plymouth Dreambaby DK (yellow), and Debbie Bliss Merino DK (red)
Mods: Instead of a PomPom, I made a star - so quick and easy! 5 rows!
I hope that it fits - I made the largest size (newborn) and it does have some stretch. I bet Jackson will be so happy to give up this side gig as a knitwear model.


Jen said...

OMG I love them both so much :) How adorable!!!! How are you feeling sweetie?

Anonymous said...

These FOs are just too cute! Adding the star was a great idea. I especially love your hat model. :)

theatreknitter said...

your dog loves you, you know that right? Miss you tons. Hung out wiht Vik and Jenny this weekend. Gotta get the foursome together real soon.

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