New magknits is up today! The socks are interesting - I'll keep them on the back burner for now. What really struck me was seaweed - what a neat idea!! I would love to start on it now, but don't yet have the baby to include in the measurements - maybe I could use my Cabbage Patch Kid, "Garnet Lenore"

Side story part 1: What a name for the Cabbage Patch Kid huh? That's the name she came with, I didn't love it, but never changed it either. My uncle used to tease me all the time "Garnet Lenore will soon be coleslaw!" and being 5 years old, I didn't get it. Until about high school when I realized what coleslaw was made of. To this day I still don't eat coleslaw.

Side story part 2: When I was 5 or 6 my Gram took my brother and me into New York City. Among other things we saw that day, we went to the Cabbage Patch Kid store / nursery in New york City. They had a cabbage patch staffed with nurses and you could witness the Cabbage Patch Kids being "born". Then, audience members could shout out names for them. Somewhere out there is a Cabbage Patch doll (or two) with the name of one of my mom's cousins.

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sarah lou said...

first, your tilted duster is adorable with your belly. :)

second, my comic book writing boyfriend just incorporated one of my cabbage patch kids name into one of his stories. hee hee!

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