Hi there! You have reached Dan & Becca.

We haven't forgotten to call you. The baby just isn't here yet. Trust us - we will let you know when the kiddo decides to arrive. Or when the doctors decide to "bring in the dynamite".

If you still are interested in talking to us, leave a message. In a nutshell, Dan's new job is going well and Becca is waiting as patiently as she can. Sorry we don't have anything more exciting to tell you :)


And the really funny thing is that aside from my mom and Betsy checking on me (and the other knitters online / blog readers) everyone is calling Dan!! :) Our phone has not rung so much ever!

The nonstress test / ultrasound stuff yesterday went well - heartbeat is fine, my blood pressure is fine, the amniotic fluid levels were on the low side. Kick counts have been ok too. I go for another nonstress test on Friday afternoon. Currently I'm waiting for the doctor to call me back to find out if the next step is just scheduling a regular appointment or if we go forward with induction.

Happy thoughts.


Violet said...

wishing you a safe (and soon!) labor! <3

Donna said...

Good luck and hope that it is soon...blessing for you and baby.

Anonymous said...

happy thoughts, indeed!

Julie said...

*lol* I have to admit, I got pretty frustrated with people when they kept asking me when I was going to have that baby. Hang in there, they always do decide to come out and play. ;)

theatreknitter said...

IT's A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I leaked it. It is true. Lorelai Hope was born at 10:19.

9lb 2 oz. Aparently she was just fattening herself up on Thanksigiving dinner and was waiting for more. Becca is doing great. To quote Dan "She is amazing"

Jen in FL said...

Hooray for Becca (and Dan and baby, too!)

Congratulations to all!

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